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Cybersecurity research and development company
About us
Cybersecurity research and development has been our focus since company foundation in 2016. Working together with leading security experts in multiple successful commercial projects provided us with invaluable experience and knowledge that resulted in development of a comprehensive ICS/IoT security framework.
Cyberlympha today
Skolkovo Innovation Center resident
More than 50 experienced developers and engineers on staff
Internal R'n'D and Cybersecurity Lab
CyberLympha attack and anomaly detection framework
Technological and business partnerships
Domestic and international commercial projects
CyberLympha technologies
Our products are based on a robust composition of well-established IT security technologies and pioneering developments in data science, AI and ML. CyberLympha team takes active participation in security approach and methodology research projects together with leading educational and scientific organizations.
CyberLympha framework
CyberLympha DATAPK
CyberLympha Thymus
CyberLympha ITM
CyberLympha DATAPK
Focused on applying constant security monitoring concept for industrial control systems, IoT and industrial IoT, CL DATAPK has the largest installation base among other CyberLympha's products.

CL DATAPK is purposed to improve ICS visibility and provide constant security monitoring for the protected assets. Security incident detection along with visualisation options are the essential tools that empower our Customers to manage risks and mitigate possible negative impact for business.

Customer scope includes enterprises belonging to Oil & Gas, Energy generattion, Metallurgy, Manufacturing and other industries.
CyberLympha Thymus
Next-generation software solution built around AI algorithms, designed to learn protected assets and their normal behaviour. CL Thymus provides accurate and precise attack detection based on discovered anomalies in the system operations. No protocol specifications or any other prior knowledge about the protected system required.
CyberLympha ITM
A software solution designed to provide real-time monitoring for various operations parameters of the IT and ICS infrastructure essential for pro-active maintenance and failure prevention operations for various entities including system components, data links and systems as a whole. CL ITM empowers the operators with necessary data and analytics required to control infrastructure compliance with defined user and system SLA and estimate possible negative service impact resulting from component failure.
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Alexei Shanin
CyberLympha stands on three pillars: people, expertise and technology. This is the basis for breakthrough solutions developed to address modern cybersecurity challenges and threats and provide continuous business security to our Customers.
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